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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 This is one of my favorite breakfasts!  I've been making this 'Baked Pancake' since my junior high school home ec. teacher (Mrs. Albee) showed us how back in....cough, gag....a long time ago!  I think it's similar to what some people call a Dutch Baby...
 Of course, Mrs. Albee did not serve coffee to us back in Junior High, but maybe she wasn't a coffee drinker.....
 We've got a huge 'inventory' of sewing machines at the moment and I spent some time cleaning up this American #1 - built in approx. 1873.....It should be on a treadle base but it sadly has gone missing....
 and this hand crank beauty made by Singer Sewing Company the year that Ford was building his models B & C, the Wright bros. built their second airplane, the first Rolls Royce was born and WW1 was still 10 years in the future!
Now I'm tired of the smell of sewing machine oil, so I made meatloaf sandwiches and hot cocoa for everyone for dinner and I'm going to go read for awhile - I've got a Stephen Bly novel just waiting!

I'll sign off with this picture of my west view and a wonderful quote from Oswald Chambers:

Tune your anxious heart to patience,
Walk by faith where sight is dim;
Loving God, be calm and trustful
And leave everything to Him. —Chambers


  1. Mmmmm...Please could you email me one of those baked pancakes. It looks so goooooood!

  2. The Oswald Chambers quote is an excellent one (I must try to remember it), your antique sewing machines are intriguing, and your west view is magnificent.