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Sunday, June 2, 2013

 Green is the predominant color for today.  Actually it's ALWAYS green here!  The rains slacked off for a bit so we started the laborious process of (prepare for bad word....) WEEDING.  This is the spud patch.  What you can't see is that this is only about a 1/4 of it, the rest of which is still happily proliferating with weeds.
 Grapes, nicely pruned and a lovely picture.  Looks like we've been here forever, but we began this place only 16 or 17 years ago.  Here's a fun garden thought - though I don't know who wrote it:

When the time is right, go to the garden,
speak kindly, pray softly, prune back and plow ahead!
 Sore muscles today, so I'm allowing myself to NOT weed or do outside stuff (other than the usual milking, feeding etc.) and slow down just a bit.  Unless the sun comes out.  Or the weeds start to call.  We'll see.

Gingerbread muffins sounds good for breakfast.
 With COFFEE of course!  Actually, that's a raw egg in the cup - But it looks cute for this picture, yes?
 I found this newspaper from December 1957 - The prices of food were terribly interesting.....and much cheaper!
I skimmed over the rest of the paper as it talked about what President Eisenhower was up to and gave the local school sports reports and enjoyed the Daily TV Programs listed:
Woody Woodpecker
Mickey Mouse
Armchair Theater
Our Miss Brooks
Annie Oakley
Douglas Fairbanks
Tic Tac Dough
Groucho Marx
Death Valley Days
Gabby Hayes
Amazing that people were actually entertained by such simple things and lived to tell of it!  Even the previews of movies today make me grip the arms of my chair in alarm and bolt to the doorways of the house.....

Now, while I'm resting today I shall attempt to bring some semblance of order to my....shall we  sewing room?  crafting room?  sewing machine repair shop?  Maybe I'll just concentrate on one teensy corner!  TTFN!

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  1. For the life of me, I can't see how you find the time or the energy to do all you do!