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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Lighthearted Look at our Foibles and Frailties

Twas two nights before Christmas and I and my spouse
Had just finished setting some traps for that mouse
It kept us awake eating holes in our wall
It can't be a mouse - it isn't that small.

It's a RAT, said my hubby, coming up with a thought.
I'll put some PB on that trap that you bought.
We'll stop their noises, destruction and stink.
That should do it; stop them; catch them, I think.

The roof has been leaking, our spirits deflated.
Our sense of adventure has really abated.
Crowded and cluttered, a bit overwrought,
Still building and working on this Kitsap lot.

We're tired and weary, old bones need a rest.
Our stamina and patience put to the test.
We'll make it, we've got to, this is all that we've got.
This old rundown cabin on this old rundown lot.

Christmas is coming, we've got to be jolly,
Put aside sad thoughts of the Doylesville Folly.
We must rise to the occasion, remember the season
That Christ came to earth, for a very good reason.

For we cannot survive without His shining Light
Each day is too dark if you live just by sight
We'll trust Him to guide us, to bring us all through
And we'll make this a home if it's the last thing we do!


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Rosemary Chicken Soup for What Ails Ya

So...we've been working hard on our rustic cottage/cabin  (ok, shack).  We've finally got a working bathroom and a door on one of the bedrooms.  We've taken time out (?) to move the pile of firewood off the driveway and start stacking it against the pumphouse (which now has a tarp over it (to cover the hole that Hubby made when he fell through the rotted roof...)  He's fine...the pumphouse, not so much. 
When we couldn't actually drive out of the driveway because of rain & mud & slithering about, we had gravel delivered yesterday.  Much better - almost civilized.  Right there.  Just on the driveway.

We're heating our cottage/cabin (ok, shack) with funky little milkhouse heaters and a tiny electric 'fireplace' heater.  Did I mention that there is no insulation in this place?  Mornings are a bit chilly.  Two cups of coffee helps.

I've had a cold that seems to wax & wane.  Right now it's waxing as I woke up with a killer headache and my throat is STILL sore and all I could think about was Rosemary Chicken Soup.  Years ago, a favorite lunch place served it, but only on Thursdays.  We would occasionally get to town and actually manage to remember it was Thursday and we'd have this delicious soup.  Eventually, I recreated it at home and it morphs into whatever version I feel like eating at the time.  This morning, I NEEDED it. 

Did I mention a kitchen anywhere in the description of our cottage/ cabin (ok, shack)?  No?  That's because we don't have one yet.  We've got an 18' travel trailer that is functioning as our temporary kitchen...for now. Several steps away from the cottage/cabin (ok, shack). Soon I will blow a gasket and Hubby will hurry up the kitchen part of the cottage/cabin (ok, shack) but for's the trailer or you don't eat. 

Trailer has gas burners, limited water and about 14" of counter space to work on.  Oh, and the little table.  Today I gathered ingredients from the freezer (on the porch), garden bed (front of the building), fridge (in the cottage/cabin ok shack) and the actual trailer and made my beloved soup.  It turned out FABULOUS.  You'll wish you'd been here to eat it and we're going to eat it again for dinner tonight. You should probably make travel arrangements right now. Yum.

The last three nights our alarm clock has gone off at midnight and again at 5am.  No, we weren't going anywhere and no, we do not care to wake up at these particular hours.  I couldn't figure out how to stop it.  Three nights in a row. The first night I hit OFF.  The second night, I jerked the cord from the electrical socket.  Finally, last night at the midnight alarm, I snatched it up, staggered to the door and flung it into the yard.  We'll have to get a new clock.  That one no longer works. 

When I woke up (did I mention I'm under the weather?) this morning, I was dreaming about teeny tiny squirrels.  No, not baby squirrels.  We're talking...caterpillar-sized squirrels.  They were adorable and I wish I had one.  Maybe I need medication.

I've got 'before' pictures of the place and I keep looking at them to remind myself that we are making progress, otherwise it seems a bit slow.  Grand adventures were a lot more fun when we were younger and every project didn't start with 'ouch, it hurts when I do this' and end with heating pads & ice packs!  Ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration (or not) but it is rather fun to imagine up the new gardens & animal pens, sewing room & kitchen and stuff.  We have discovered Pinterest.  It was very entertaining until the gravel truck took out the internet cable while graveling the driveway yesterday.  Sigh.  They will come next week and re-connect.  It may be a longish Winter, but by Spring we'll be newly fired up for the whole project, I'm sure.

Well, since  you're still thinking about that soup, I'd best give you the recipe:

Deceptively Simple Rosemary Chicken Soup

Carrots - chopped into smallish cubes, cooked in broth - I used Turkey, but you can use chicken.... til crisp/tender
Onion & fresh celery w/ leaves, sauteed in butter til tender
Chicken breast - cut into smallish pieces, sauteed in coconut oil with herbs until cooked through  ( I used dried thyme, salt, pepper, dried basil, fresh generous)

Put all in crockpot, add a few bay leaves and more broth to desired brothiness and simmer.

Just before mealtime, add cooked pasta of choice (I used organic veggie bow ties) and organic heavy cream.

Serve in low, flat soup bowls...pass the salt & pepper.

Wow.  Good for what ails ya. 

I'm sitting in my recliner today, resting for a change while I try to rid myself of this cold bug.  The thing to be glad about is that I can still go hug the grandbabies - they've already got the bug....because THEY are the ones who gave it to me!!!

In my new neighborhood there is a Pumpkin Farm just down the road!  The sweet people who own it go to the community church we are newly attending.  We joined our family in a Pumpkin Farm outing a week or so ago and were gifted a 'Welcome' pumpkin by the Pumpkin Farm Family! 

Well, back to resting in my chair.  Hubby is off to our old town to get my van repaired (air conditioning cover blew off at some point in our move), get his glasses repaired (they broke when the lawn tractor rolled out of the utility trailer and squashed him flat) and meet a friend for lunch.  Life is never dull. 

Good-bye for now and may God bless you with a closer walk with Him!  I'll be back soon with more 'fun' from the cottage/cabin (ok, shack) on this little farm!!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Has Anyone Seen My Toothbrush?

Sixty is the new thirty!  NOT!!!!!  Oh.  My.  Word.  When Dave & I first met, we were 19 years old and attended the same big church and also a college-age youth group.  It met at an old house where all the kids would gather, eat pizza, pray, sing and someone would give a devotional.  Well, during the singing, future hubby came over and asked me out!  (Me, a shy, introverted kinda girl!)  Oh, well.  I said yes anyhow.  That was the beginning of a long friendship, still going on today!  We both loved the outdoors and old abandoned farms back then. 

Fast forward to recent times:  Twenty two years ago we started an 80 acre farm, with custom-built 3000 sq ft home, barn, shop, greenhouses, outbuildings, fenced pastures, orchard...And now, at age 60 we've suddenly become shadows of our younger selves and we're going back to an old abandoned farm to start over.

Some days we wonder if we've totally lost it, but we also know that it's right.  We've prayed about it and stepped out in faith and God will be with us all the way.  Of course, that's not to say it's a piece-of-cake, so to speak.  This is HARD! 

People keep asking WHY?  Why would you leave this beautiful place?  It's because family is more important that stuff or places.  My two younger kid are adults still living at home with health problems.  Living 45 minutes from everything is hard for them.  They've got virtually no life outside this farm.  And now their sister (with my grandbabies) is 2 1/2 hours away and wishes we were there.  THAT, my friend, is why we are leaving this beautiful farm.

Today is the last day of owning the farm.  At 4pm this afternoon, other people will continue on what we started there.  May God bless them and give them as much happiness and joy there as we had!

These quick pics are all before and after/in process pictures of the 'new' place...mostly outdoors.  We're basically camping until improvements are made in the lil house.  After a couple days of rest, we shall continue the 'great remodel' at our new-to-us farm and begin making all new memories in an all new to us adventure!  Fasten your seatbelts, it could be a bumpy ride!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Adventure Continues aka Don't Sit Down or You'll Fall Asleep!

 Well, the short sale finally finished up and we are the proud (tired?) owners of 18 lovely acres in the Kitsap County area of lovely Puget Sound!  My grandparents lived just an hour away along Hood Canal for many years - from the time I was 8 until I was about 24, so in some ways it's like going home again.  On clear, sunny days there are views of the rugged Olympic Mountains and many lovely glimpses of the Sound.   Our acreage has a rustic 'tear-down' cabin on it and the previous owner was most definitely a least of outdoor building materials!  Many many piles & stacks of old & decaying building materials that will take us much effort, time and dollars to dispose of.  
 We've already hauled several huge loads to the dump and have more piled and ready to go.  The inside of our temporary abode is gutted and now ready for new everything - from electrical wiring and plumbing, to sheetrock, lights and bathroom & kitchen fixtures!  Simultaneously, we are packing at the 'old' place and beginning to move our belongings to a 40' 'Dry Box' storage unit and painting the interior of our home in preparation to list it for sale in the next week or so.  At this point, if we sit down...we fall asleep!

My rabbits are currently being bunny-sitted (bunny-sat?) at daughter's house and I've readied a new-to-me chicken coop for the birdies.  Next, to figure out a shed & pasture for our 10 goats!  Much to do!

Last trip up, I determined that we needed a comfy place to sit so that we could rest a bit on our breaks from our laboring so we headed to a couple of thrift shops.  I confess to praying that perhaps the Lord could just find us a couple of recliners so that I wouldn't waste a lot of time shopping.....and voila!  Found two just-right for us and cheap to boot!  

 While daughter, grandbaby and I were shopping, we had a wonderful experience with a good Samaritan!  The Goodwill store had a huge set of retro red & white children's toy kitchen pieces up front.  One part of the set was a red with chrome legs childrens table & chairs. I immediately decided to purchase it.  Daughter & I looked at the fridge, stove, sink & stacked washer/dryer unit and wished we could buy it, but frugality prevailed.

 A little bit later, I was approached by a stranger who asked if I was the one who purchased the table & chairs.  He then asked why I didn't buy the rest of the set!  I thought the questioning was rather odd, but he wasn't threatening and there were lots of people around, so I chatted with him.  I told him I just couldn't afford the whole set.  He asked if I'd like to have it.  I repeated that, yes, I'd like it, but couldn't really afford it all.  He told me that he had no grandchildren and would like to purchase it for mine!!!  When I got to the checkout counter a bit later, he had indeed purchased the ENTIRE set (about $130!) for my grandbabies!

Yes, Virginia, there ARE good Samaritans (aka nice people) still out there.  What a blessing!  A lovely beginning to a huge move to a new neighborhood, for sure.

 Well, I've had my coffee break and now I've got more boxes to fill, rooms to mask and paint and trips to make, so off I go!   A couple more pictures and I'm signing off until next time....
 Aliens in a foreign land, lol.....
(One of the main and compelling reasons to move from your home of 20-plus years and uproot your entire existence, put yourself through many hardships and difficulties....
This little your right!  Can't resist that sweet little smile and happy-to-see-us grins!)

Toodles!!!  (No, his name is not

Sunday, February 24, 2019

"Adventures, Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!"

 Times, they are a changing...At least here on the farm, they are! Last time I wrote was 6 months ago and I said we were getting the farm ready to sell.  Well, we are STILL getting the farm ready, but we've made a lot of progress and are almost done.

Way back at the first of November, we made an offer on a piece of land just a few miles from family but a long ways from home.  It is a complicated 'short sale' and we are still waiting!  It seems as though it might finally be resolved one way or another this next week, but time will tell.

We sit in the mornings with our coffee in hand and chat about the business of the day.  "Are we up for this adventure?"  "Can we build another house?"  "Are we too OLD for all this???"  and other mornings, we ARE those long ago 20-year-olds, newly married and ready for whatever life and the Good Lord put in our path!

If all goes accordingly, at the new 18 acre farm, we will 'gut' a little cabin (picture above) & re-model the inside; build a garage and put our home up for sale in preparation to move.  Once the house is sold, we will simultaneously move our 39+ year accumulation of STUFF to the 'new' place, live in a cabin and build a new house!  Whew!

Sigh.  I have a history of panic attacks/anxiety disorder and this long wait & thoughts of moving are keeping me right on the edge, for sure.  You can bet that prayers for peace & health are right there on the top of my list every day!  God is faithful and I'm holding together...mostly.  I recently read a line from one of Elisabeth Elliott's books that really struck me and I'm trying to remind myself of it when I start to get overwhelmed:  "Just do the next thing."  Biblical, for sure, as He tells us not to be anxious about tomorrow.  It's always tempting to imagine all the things ahead (both good and bad!) but really, we just need to get through today.

We won't plant a garden this year - that right there will be really strange.  We've always had a a matter of fact, I can't remember a year we did't have at least a small one.  I'm planning to stop my Ebay & Etsy stores if our purchase goes through and we've whittled our farm animal population way down.  I've still got 8 keeper rabbits, 8 members of the goat herd and a handful of hens.
 The best part about moving is that we'll be closer to our grandbaby & more family.  He is, of course, the cutest child ever to exist - even cuter than my own children were!  And, to make the future even brighter, he is going to be a big brother in August!  Blessing upon blessing!

So, simpler, more down to earth farm life for today:  I sewed up a bunch of primitive pigs this morning, made a backing for a quilt that I'm going to put on my quilting frame, made Veggie Beef Soup & Focaccia bread for dinner and chased a baby goat all over the bottom of the field (outside the fence!) until we finally caught her and deposited her back in the field with her mama!  The sad bleating was what alerted us to her plight, but she did NOT appreciate us trying to rescue her, nonetheless!  The others were VERY helpful - gathering round and dancing about in goat-ful glee that we had come out to play!

 We are enjoying homemade cocoa almost every evening now that the goats are milking again - unsweetened cocoa powder, honey, our own vanilla and goat milk!  What could be better?  (Maybe toast and jam to go with?)

We've been (shhh, don't tell anyone!) buying cheap Vodka at our Costco store....and making extracts!!!   We've got bottles of vanilla and now some AMAZING bottles of orange extract as well!  Such fun!  You'd have laughed to see us trying to find Vodka the first time - I've never bought alcohol in my life and we had to look at a lot of bottles before we found it.  Who knew there were so many varieties, lol??

Well, that's the update from the Hilltop.  All is well and we're learning patience (are we?).  Well, we're trying!  Until next time....

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path."   Proverbs 3:5-6 
P.S.  I ask you, is he not the most precious and adorable, sweet & lovable, cute, smart and smilingest (is that a word??) boy you've ever SEEN????  This Grammy is smitten (could you tell?).

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Smitten & Besotted

 When I was a little girl, I remember the day before Christmas as one of the longest days in my life.  We celebrated Christmas at my beloved maternal grandparents house every year on Christmas Eve and that day took FOREVER to finally be evening and for all the rest of the family to arrive for food & presents! 

Well, life has sped up considerably and the last 5 months have zipped by like an express train!

 April 8th found us driving about 2  hours to the hospital to wait for our very first grandbaby to be born!  We loved him on sight and have only become more besotted & smitten as the days have gone by!  I gained my grandma name (GrammyPammy) and gave a huge part of my heart away! 

In between visits with that special little guy, life on the farm does go on, lol!  I found an elk antler in our field on a walk in April....We picked gobs of cherries from our Montmorency Pie Cherry tree this year.
Between our patch and my sweet neighbor Jean's patch, we got a bazillion delicious strawberries for fresh eating & winter jams & jellies!

Our daughter and her little family are about a 2 1/2 hour drive away and we have kept the roads well traveled both ways as we get to know our sweet baby boy!

We haven't neglected our favorite Spring & Summer activities, however, and have been to the beach several times.  Washaway Beach in Grayland Washington is still our favorite, and we always stop there to see how much more land the winter storms took away....and we recently bought our almost 30 pounds of fresh albacore tuna and canned it for our shelves.  We've been doing that for quite a few years - one of the big benefits of living so close to the edge of the continent is enjoying the fresh seafood & beautiful ocean beaches.  When I was a baby, my mom & her family used to camp on the beach that no longer exists where the ocean has taken over,
We've made several day trips already this year and it only takes us about an hour & a half to get to Grayland Beach State Park where we like to camp in our trailer, too.

As I write this, we are just back from a day trip once again, this time to enjoy the Westport Washington Art Festival.  Quite a few vendors of art & foods along the main street.  We had fun wandering & visiting, ate lunch at our favorite Bennett's Fish Shack, of course and then stopped for a 'sissy' coffee (as my hubby calls it) on the way home.
 This diftwood art lion and longhorn cow below were on display at the Tokeland Hotel festival a couple weeks ago - also at the beach.  (I told you we go there a lot!)

There were also chain saw artists & local musicians and a pottery vendor.  We each came home with a new handmade coffee mug!
 We've lived on our farm for over 20 years.  Starting from scratch, we built our shop and then lived in it while we built our house.  We moved in on an exciting April Fool's Day and have been through many days, months & years of life here.  We started here with my hubby & I, my mom and our three kids, ages 8, 12 & 15.  That was a lot of life ago.
 When this sweet little guy arrived, it just cemented the idea that, for our family at least, we should live close enough to go through the rest of this life together!  Our plan is to sell the farm and move near the kids and be a blessing & help to them (and them to us!) in the years ahead!

It's a hard thing to think about, for sure.  We love this farm and living so far from the world...but not living so far from the rest of the family!  So, in the months ahead we will be sorting, cleaning, & repairing a bazillion things around here in preparation for a new adventure!
Lord willing, we will still live on a few acres as we're planning to keep up the gardening & animals and Grampa Dave has to have his bees & tractor! 

In the meantime, we're still doing all the harvest stuff, too!  We just made some really yummy jelly from our Hollywood plums and canned that.  The tuna and chicken broth we canned last week just went down to the cellar and on Monday we're canning the pie cherries that we picked and stored in the freezer.  We just put our wildcrafted mint away for our Winter tea and also braided all our garlic and put our onions in their baskets. 
Life is full and happy, the Lord has blessed us greatly and we fully believe that every good and perfect gift comes from Him!  Until next time (and hopefully not such a LONG time!)  Serve the Lord with gladness!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring ahead....It's March already!

January and February flew past and life went along like a derailed train!
It started off fine & slow.  I even had time to arrange a wall of my sewing machine museum to my liking.  This is the 'German' wall.  I think the German-made machines are my favorite - with their well-made mechanisms and lovely inlaid wood.
 Then, we had about 4 or 5 acres near the house logged.  It opened up the view and helped us pay off a few bills.
It made the view from the house a lot like it was 20 years ago when we first built the house and the trees were just babies.  Fir trees are an amazing crop - those trees were less than 4 ft tall when we moved here and now they've been harvested!  Next year we'll replant and it'll start all over!
 The goats have kidded and we've got just 4 youngsters to raise this year.  I held back last years' kids and will breed them next Fall.
Our three girls kidded without any trouble at all this year!  That's Maryanne with Mordecai and Magda just moments after being born.  Shiloh had a doe we named Shinar and Ekaterina, not to be outdone, had a doe we named Egglantine!
These two coffee mugs sat on my grandparents' wood stove each morning to warm up while Grampa made coffee for Grama and himself.  I smile when I look at them, now on the mantel above my cookstove.  Sometimes it doesn't seem quite right that 'things' remain when our beloved people have been gone for so long.

The fixer-upper house deal that my daughter and her husband were waiting on finally went through and the pace of life picked up!  My husband is a builder and his skills are needed!

 Francis and I (Francis is my travelling bear buddy) packed up the camper van and headed North!  We cleaned & hauled and worked on the house.  We drove home again!  We gathered up our suitcases again...and boxed up their little apartment, did more cleaning & repairing and moved them in!  For awhile, when I woke up in the morning I wasn't sure where I was!  And this country girl enjoyed some new city experiences...Did you know that you can actually phone in a PIZZA order and they will bring it HOT to your very DOOR?  Amazing!  considering that we live about 35 or more miles to the nearest pizza place, no one delivers pizza to this farm!
 Thirty five years ago my husband and I had our first daughter...and we looked so very young.  Now, that sweet daughter is 33 weeks along, carrying our precious grandson!  Where did the years go? (I haven't changed a bit, by the way.)

Now I'm home (temporarily) again but fighting the flu bug.  As soon as I get over it, I'll be packing up Francis again and heading for the little house once again, this time to put the kitchen and nursery together!

In the meantime, daily farm life goes on day after day, week after week, much the same...
 Eggs to gather and wash.  Goats to milk and kids to feed.  And always primitives to make for my Ebay and Etsy stores.
 I made myself a happy green slug out of playdough one day.  I don't even like slugs, but this one was kind of cute, don't you think?

Today I've done very little.  Made myself the Potato Soup my sweet mama always made when I was sick.  Mostly sitting in my recliner and impatiently waiting to feel better, lol.
I'm not very good at being sick!  I'd rather be working and the sun was shining today and making me feel like a kid stuck in school on a sunny day!

I started the day with a wicked headache and nasty cough, so my daughter actually did the goat milking chores for me.  She just went out again this evening to feed the goat kids their milk - they get milk twice a day until they're about 8-10 weeks old.  We bottle or bucket feed them so there's milk for the house, too.
 Arthritis in my hands (and me so young, lol) keeps me from milking three goats, so milking machine it is!  The disadvantage is that there's a lot more to clean up when milking by machine and we've been plagued with water problems this year.  First, one of our two low flow wells quit and it's not accessible in the winter.  Then we broke a water line in the freezing weather!
 Besides the fact that he's been working on the kids' house more often than he's been at home, my dear husband also sprained his knee and has been on crutches for the last couple of weeks!  And no, it didn't slow him down much.  Trying to get him to rest is nigh unto impossible!

One day I got hungry and rustled up scalloped potatoes in my crockpot.  Of course I put ham in the other crockpot and dinner just wasn't complete until I made a pecan pie and banana bread!  Wish I had it today, though I can't taste much of anything so I guess it won't make much difference what I eat until this bug is gone!
 Ripley the cat is my faithful sidekick.  He's a funny little guy.  He doesn't like my daughter (who raised him from a kitten!) but loves me!  When he needs to go outside, he walks over and 'tells' her by mewing until she gets up and lets him out the door.  He likes to give her ankle a good swat as he walks by!

This is Rip and I in our favorite recliner chair.  (Oh, and by the way, I lied earlier.  I have definitely changed from 35 years ago, lol.)
We had a few days of ice and snow - while we were travelling back & forth, of course!  It's so pretty, but this year I'm glad it's gone so we can get back to easy driving. 
 The primitives selling business has been ridiculously busy!  I've been coming home from the kids' place to sew/craft/paint like a mad woman!

People have been buying not just seasonal items either, but out of season things like pumpkins, squirrels and bats, oh my!
 This was a couple of weeks ago and now I've got just about as many orders again!  Takes me longer when I'm ill, but I'm still working at it a bit each day anyhow. Now my younger daughter is my partner in crafting, which makes us a lot more productive, working as a team!
Well, that's what's happening here on the hilltop at the moment.  Hubby left this morning to help the kids pick out kitchen cabinets and set them.  He'll be gone for a couple of days working on that.  Then he'll drive back (about 2 3/4 hours) and get caught up at home again!

We're starting to think about the garden - just got a roll of landscape fabric & barnyard bark to work up some raised beds for the strawberries.  I ordered vegetable seeds and will start them as soon as they arrive in the mail...and as soon as I get over the flu!  Stay well and I'll sign in again when I have a chance!