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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 This is a bad picture of our beloved family piano.  All my kids play piano, except they aren't really kids anymore.....except to me.
We all LOVE to sing and we LOVE to sing hymns to the Lord!  My daughter asked me if I liked "Living for Jesus"'s that for a loaded question?  (My answer was "I do!" of course!)
 This is my beloved Weck.  In case you don't know,  this is a water bath canner, which means you don't have to take up a burner space while water bath canning!  Or it can heat water for filling jars when pressure canning!  I LOVE my Weck!
Remember all those pineapples?
 Well, first I cut them up.  And then I sampled a piece.  Sweet and deliciously ripe!
 Now you wish you had fresh pineapple to sample gorge on taste don't you?
 Canning pineapple is super easy.  Is it cheaper than buying it?  No.  Then why do it?  Well, because it's sweeter and tastier and because I wanted to!  Besides what would you do with them all if YOUR husband brought home 20 of them?
 My mom lives with us and she's got Multiple Myeloma.  That's a cancer of the bones & blood.  She has treatments twice, sometimes three times a week.  (She's doing well.)  Today was one of them, so while we were in town we stopped at a thrift shop and I found some interesting goodies to play with!
I make & sell primitives on Ebay, so I found some rusty wire, bells, three small grapevine wreaths, decorative excelsior (fake grass) a quilt magazine and some cloth napkins. 
This is what we're thinking about now.  At least we will be when it stops raining!  This was my view last year while we brought our hay in.....I drive.  I do not lift hay bales.  I repeat:  I do not lift hay bales!  (Do you think he's listening????) 

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  1. In answer to your pineapples question (Besides what would you do with them all if YOUR husband brought home 20 of them?), Mrs. RWP said, "Wrap them around his head."

    Ya gotto love 'em ... spouses, I mean.