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Friday, May 24, 2013

 Here's my day today.  Started out, well, with coffee of course.  Remember, no water last night?  Well, it was back by 6:30am, so coffee on schedule!

Worked out behind the barn today - taking rabbit & goat pics.  Have a couple three goat kids for sale, so needed pics.

Milked goats, cleaned a pen, sorted a couple moms & babies, did rabbit chores....that's Ocarina the English Lop child on the right......

The goat girls wondered where we were taking the moms & babies so there was lots of curious stares and a fair amount of hollerin'.

Earlier this week we got a huge load of new-to-us old
 sewing machines and I'm still excited about sorting
through them and working on them.  Some will stay in our collection and others will be repaired & find new homes!

 These little greenies (Singer model 185) are great little machines and CUTE!  (Cute is important, yes?)
 This is a corner of my personal sewing machine museum-to-be.  I've got great ideas and plans for this place. 
This is out behind the barn where we took bunny pictures.  Wasn't there a song or a rhyme about being out behind the barn?  Hmmmm.

Well, am ending the day off by sewing up some primitive coffee-grunged sunflowers.  I'll list 'em on Ebay and hopefully make a few dollars to help pay for that big load of sewing machines.....And when I get all caught up, I'll buy some more!!!

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  1. ...and the second is better than the first!

    Where do you get all your energy? I could never keep up with all the activities in which you are involved.