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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Scared of the Dentist but Lemon Cake and Coffee to the Rescue!

 Meanwhile, back at the farm, life was continuing on at its usual pace.  Daughter has been packing, de-junking, sorting, and moving many of her belongings to the apartment they will live in after the wedding, a 2 plus hour trip away.  I am trying very hard not to accept any more junk er, valuable stuff to add to my own confusion.  Most of the wedding details are coming together now, enabling us to at least stop for a deep breath occasionally.  And even try to get the dishes done....or not.

 Wonder of wonders, Spring appears to be at least considering starting up here in SW Washington!  The skies refuse to clear completely, but we have had a few glimpses it called sunshine?...and the rains have lessened up enough that we probably won't kill each other after all!  I mow the garden when I mow the yard, just to keep the jungle under control, but the bulk of this year's produce may be produced somewhere else.

We celebrated a subdued Mother's Day.  My kids were awesome, of course, but I started the day out missing my Mom and couldn't quite put it out of my thoughts for the day.

We also celebrated my son's birthday...complete with balloons, confetti, noisemakers and hats.  He's 31, by the way.  His request was Esther's Orange Marmalade Cake from the Mitford Series of books by Jan Karon!  If you make one, you'll keep making them, I warn you!

 I am a complete dental coward.  I wake up in a panic all the preceding days of a looming appointment.  In need of a tooth extraction, I bravely made an appointment and drove in to the office (45 minutes of anticipatory anxiety), fidgeted in the waiting room and finally got in to my...consultation.  My blood pressure was up and I was a nervous wreck and THAT was just the consultation!  I have now had the procedure done and am home recuperating, albeit I make a poor patient as I am in no wise 'patient' as I wait to get back to normal.

 The last time I had a general anasthetic I was 21 years old.  Decades have passed since that time and I'm pretty sure I got over it quicker back then.  Wednesday was my tooth-pulling and as of today (Saturday), my limbs still feel like lead and I'm decidedly cranky.  I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to the fact that I really figured mowing the lawn on my riding mower would make me better faster and when I got out there, it had a flat tire.  Normally I am a very sweet and pleasant gal, but I confess to having a small fit, stomping into the house and slamming the door.  I tiptoed out later to see that my dear husband has removed the offending tire and taken it into town with him.  Hopefully he won't be afraid to come back.

Mushy food is the theme this week and today's
special is Chicken Pot Pie!  Yes, even if I have to be propped up in the kitchen, we still eat
homemade food.  If I were totally honest,
I would have to say that today I probably would
have eaten store-bought, if the darn store
weren't so far away.  A 40 minute trip in,
major hike through Walmart and a 40 minute
trip back sounds as difficult to me today as
contemplating the Boston Marathon!

On the bright side....hmmm.  Just a minute.  No, just kidding!  There is always a bright side and I'm thrilled that dental technology is what it is.  Nothing like when I was a kid.

My computer has been my companion whilst recuperating, so I have new recipes to try.  This Lemon Cake was divine (and soft!).  We put Lemon Curd in between layers and a light glaze on top.

Recipe found here:
 I did wander around and take some pictures of the mess place and there is much to do.  Warmer temperatures and plenty of rain have made everything grow like the rain forest, so no danger of boredom!  We're still milking three goats and raising a bottle calf, so I made the trek to the barn this morning.  I felt pretty good until I was washing up the milking machine and it seemed heavier than usual.  Actually, the house was farther from the barn than it was last week, too.
A few of the rabbits are having litters and the chickies are totally feathered out so I'll take pictures of animals next time.

Well, Chicken Pot Pie is almost ready so I'm off to gum it down, lol, and then sit on the porch swing and watch the grass grow for a bit!  WAIT!  I need COFFEE! That's the problem!  I missed a whole day of coffee back on Wednesday and you just don't get over these things that fast.  Huh.  Well, glad I've got it now, so I'm off (so to speak...)!


  1. I cannot get over how well you write your thoughts down. Love it!
    So very sorry you are missing your mom. Think about me making her laugh with photo booth.
    Any dental work is frightening to me so I totally get your apprehension. I don't care how far along they have come...put me under!
    Love and friendship...

    1. You are just prejudiced in my favor, dear sister! Love you always!

  2. I had to laugh at your post today! So funny (but not really) about the dentist thing. I too have a huge phobia about the dentist. My BP skyrockets and I always have to tell them it's THEIR fault it's s high. I just had my 3rd tooth pulled about 6 weeks ago and I'm still only chewing on the other side.... only soft foods for a good 3 weeks so I lost 7 lbs which was good, but I'm sure will slowly come back on. I usually have the gas but to my terror, this last time I went in they weren't using it "for awhile until our pregnant assistant has her baby next Fall" no more going there until then! I had the tooth pulled without any anesthesia, except shot of course, and they had to give me SEVEN shots and it still didn't numb it way deep down. Are you cringing yet? My mom always had all her dental work without any shots! What a brave lady! Your flowers and trees are just gorgeous.. I remember SW Washington and the lushness of it all. I liked your comment 'the bulk of this years produce may be produced somewhere else"!! That was so funny... those are pretty much my thoughts lately as I get older... but am growing a few things in tubs in my little plot in town. So enjoy you! Marilyn from Madras, OR

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Marilyn! Hmm. Wish I'd lost 7 pounds, but I'm not going to recommend it as a diet plan!!

  3. I'm right there with on the dentist thing. I hate, hate, hate, and fear, fear, fear going for anything! Glad it's over for you and hope you are healing up. There are always things to do in the spring. It's a busy time of year. Spring finally sprung up here in NE Washington. Time to get that veggie garden in. ♥

    1. Oh good, Pammy Sue! You get your veggies planted and I'll come mooch some this Fall! Put the coffee on!