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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Skillet Burger Meal and Deteriorating Brain Cells

My brain cells are dying off at an alarming rate.  Does this happen to everyone who has a daughter getting married?  And, more importantly, will they come back (brain cells, not the daughter)???

In between all the 9,764,321 little details involved in getting ready for this special event, life has the nerve to continue happening!

I had naively believed that, why of COURSE I can handle a vendor space at our large Country Chicks Spring event.....
 And I DID.  I nearly did myself in trying to get everything accomplished.  Cute chickens, friendly foxes, rascally rabbits....I sewed, stuffed, painted, cut, wired.  And we went.  And we conquered.  And our vocabulary continues to shrink.  Soon I will be so tired as to be reduced to monosyllabic grunts.

The hubby figured a clamming trip was just the thing!  We could 'get away' and 'enjoy the beach'.  Fancy words for....let's get up before daylight and drive for an hour and a half and hike a mile to the beach, then dig like crazy for cold, wet clams!  Last dig of the season, so off we went.
 He forgot his toothbrush.   And his seizure meds.  I got stung by a hornet.  I remembered the meds for him.  The toothbrush was another matter.

Three morning clam digs and 90 harvested razor clams later, we were all 'rested up' and came home.  Can you say laundry, dishes, housework, animal chores, lawns to mow?  When does the 'rest' begin?

Did you know that you can make a really delicious meal in one skillet if you really don't want to do any dishes?
 I put a couple of lovely lean hamburger patties in and while they began to brown, I added chopped onion, then a sliced red potato...a few brussels sprouts and a handful of fresh green beans.  A little salt & pepper, lid on until veggies were tender and VOILA! a gourmet dinner in a skillet!  Quick, easy and oh, so delicious.

The people at the beach were a bit on the strange side.  This fella wouldn't even speak to us.
 His gal just gave me a funny look, but neither one objected to my taking their pictures.  They're quite photogenic - no doubt people ask them all the time!
 Francis goes on every camping trip with me, but she thought perhaps we should slow down just a bit.  She was also pouting because she was wearing a polka-dot dress that she hated.

A couple days after we got back (today) we had a group wedding-invitation-making gathering.  Six adults, five kids and we made a big dent in the work, but haven't finished yet (of course).

People no more than headed out than our beautiful sunny (80*) day turned absolutely black & stormy!  Hail the size of quarters, thunder & lightning....and one HUGE strike!
 Even inside the house it made our ears ring and scared me BIG TIME!  Still don't know what got hit, but the house, outbuildings and vehicles appear to be fine, so we stayed inside.  The storm seems to have passed over now, so I'm thinking a trip to the barn to check on the animals is in order.
Looking out the window at the peak of the storm I noticed that I'd left my truck window down.  Ugh...Did I mention my brain cells are rapidly deteriorating?  While getting ready for today's card-making gathering, I announce that I should put an apron on to preserve my clean clothes and then marched with purpose to the refrigerator and peered inside.  "We don't keep the aprons in here anymore," I proclaimed to the room at large.  And then I retrieved my apron from the pantry.

This is just after trying to make breakfast a day or so ago and, being unable to locate the pan spray for the pancake griddle, I say, "I need the....spray...paint!  No.  SPRAY paint.  Spray PAINT.  Hmmm.  Spray?  Paint?"

"STOP SAYING THAT!" says my alarmed younger daughter.  "Oh, I found it!" says I.  The...PAN SPRAY.

On that note, I shall stop this post.  And maybe go lay down for a bit, lol.  May the fourth be with you.  And your brain cells, too!


  1. You've definitely made me laugh today. And I needed that! Yes, I think we all start to lose our brain cells, especially when planning a big event like a wedding. Unfortunately, I don't think mine ever came back. Ha! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I'm glad to have you. It's always wonderful to welcome another sister in Christ and get to know you better.

    We live in Spokane but we have our camping trailer permanently parked at Loon Lake, which is about 25 miles north of us in the mountains. We love it and spend most of the summer there. Do you mind me asking where do you live on the west side? I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Hi! Your post was hilarious! My brain cells are much the same way but I am a lot older! Sunshine this morning but chilly. Have a great week-end and hope both our brain cells do not deteriorate any more! Good luck on your daughter's wedding!! Nancy

  3. Haha! I have a few little gray cells left!
    Great post about your short get-a-way and all the work you do.

  4. What a riot! I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard! You definitely made my day as I can relate to SO MANY of the things you relayed! I'm glad you got to "rest up" at the coast... that must have been fun............. NOT.!!! And I can so relate to looking in the fridge for your apron.. and not remembering the word for pan spray.. or is it paint spray? hee hee... at least the sense of humor brain cells are still there! I can't quit using exclamation marks.. I just had to read some of this to my hubby as he wondering why I was laughing so hard! I haven't had the pleasure of my son's wedding yet.. he's 38 and still single.. but living with a gal who may "just be the one".. if so.. maybe they'll elope? no not really.. he's waited so long for the right someone that I would love to be there to watch the nuptials... so long as I don't have to help make 200 invitations (or treat boxes, or paper flowers.. etc.). I hope you have recovered from your rest and garden mowing.. and just loved your words that your garden produce may be produced elsewhere this year! Uh oh.. another exclamation mark.. I'd better sign off. Have a great Sunday! Marilyn