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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 just keeps Happening!

Peace.  Quiet.  Calm.  Nope, that's not what's happening around here!  We're just 3 days from 'the wedding' and things continue to fall apart!  Day before yesterday I started feeling twinges in my stressed gut...and sure enough I'm in the middle of a recurrence of the dreaded diverticulitis.  So, while I should be hemming the hubby's new dress slacks, ironing all the wedding finery and preparing for the weekend's festivites....I am sitting in my recliner with a heating pad and sipping chicken broth!  AND I burned my tongue and the roof of my mouth badly because I AM OBVIOUSLY NEW AT DRINKING FROM A CUP???

In the last couple of weeks my toaster, Kitchen-Aid stand mixer and the daughter's laptop all bit the dust.  Last night the septic system decided it's ready to be pumped.
 AND, if  ONE MORE PERSON suggests that we must be thrilled that our daughter, (after we've gotten so used to her) is getting married and moving 2 1/2 hours away....I shall scream!

Okay, okay.  Of course, we are thrilled for her and even for ourselves as her intended is a fabulous young man.....but emotions are running high and did I mention we are...well....stressed?

Deep breath.  Sigh.  In a house full of chronically ill people, a big event seems even bigger.
We took a day and went to......the beach of course.  It's our favorite.  The face above is on a jetty at Westport.   The left picture is to put it in better perspective.  (remember to click on a picture to make it bigger).

I just realized that the viewing tower is shaped like a lighthouse when I took this picture.  I have been there many times and never realized it before.  Duh!
 Then, hubby and I took a one-night camping trip to Ft Stevens State Park again.  This is the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, with typical Washington/Oregon June weather, of course.

 The Army Corps of Engineers built this viewing platform.    There is a sign nearby warning that it is to be used At Your Own Risk.  It sways in the breeze or if too many people walk on it.....
 My favorite part of the Fort....the military ruins.  These stairs lead uphill to Battery David Russell.

It was a nice day, though the mosquitoes were fierce in the shadows.  One fun moment....We were basically the only people around but then a young couple with two little girls came up the steps and in view of the battery.  With a sudden intake of breath and a quick rush forward, one little girl's a CASTLE!!!!!!!

Pretty close, I'd say.
Wandering the ruins was enjoyable as always.  We also fished that evening in Coffenbury Lake.  I, of course, caught the biggest fish, no lie!

We had a close encounter with a bald eagle who swooped out of the sky to snatch up a caught-and-released trout from about 15 feet in front of us!  Beautiful, but definitely startling!  
 Battery Russell is just one small portion of the fort.  There are acres of ruins to discover and explore and also a museum where you can watch a video and see information on the history of this coastal defense dating from 1863 and the Civil War.
Well, times, they are a changing and we must change as well.  The farm won't be the same without our girl, but we trust that God has great things ahead for not just our girl and the Godly young man she waited all these years for, but for those of us still here on the farm, as well.  Now, if I can just survive the wedding!

On that note I shall sign off and

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  1. I do hope you have a speedy recovery, and of course our best wishes to the new couple for a long, happy, and very blessed life together.