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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Of Elk, Rain, Sewing and Raspberry Vinaigrette & Lyme Disease

 It's been raining a lot.  You could say it's raining cats & dogs, but here on the hilltop it's actually elk.  Eleven of them decided that the pasture just outside the window was a good place to smash the fence graze on the non-growing grass early this morning.
 We saw one bull, several large cows and last spring's yearlings.  One was limping on one hind leg, favoring it quite a bit.  It always amazes me to realize that these enormous beasts roam the woods, yet if you're actually hunting for them, they're not easy to find. 
 I've been spending my days in my usual Winter routine - morning chores, which consists of milking goats, feeding kids, feeding & watering rabbits.  Right now six of the rabbits have litters so it's a lot more interesting to do chores when you can also check on the cuteness progress of the youngsters.  Once my outdoor and minimal indoor chores are done, I'm off to sew!!!
 This is probably the only picture of me you'll ever see.  I am NOT photogenic nor beautiful and I don't do 'selfies' etc. but I wanted to show the pile of 100 little bunnies I made (yep, one hundred).  I've recently done special orders (my Ebay store: for 100, 75, three orders of 25, and a couple orders of 20 various and assorted primitive rabbits!
It would seem that rabbits rule my world at present. the process....

.....and VOILA! One hundred coffee/cinnamon
grunged bunnies!
 I made floppy eared Scrunge Bunnies, too.

 ....and then I made FeedBag Bunnies!!!
 Mainly I made a big mess out of my crafting & sewing areas.
Then, a FABULOUS thing occurred!  A dear, sweet friend came for a visit and brought me THIS!!!!  An AMAZING knitted doily absolutely bursting with ACORNS!!!  I LOVE acorns.  She knows this and said that as the doily was taking shape and she saw the giant acorns it became clear that THIS doily was to belong to me!   WOW.  

My family has Lyme Disease.  Some people don't believe in Lyme Disease.  Apparently they've never had it.  Some think you should just 'get over it'.  Wish we could.  Mainly what we do is soldier on each day, working through whatever the day brings.
Right now we're on an Anti-Inflammatory Lyme Diet for a week.  Mainly that means you can only eat certain fruits, veggies & fish.  Which would be easier if it were summer and all that stuff was in season.  And if I actually LIKED fish.  Not to mention I'm hungry for a big fat steak or maybe a bagel.

Our salad last night was made quite delicious by a very simple Raspberry Vinaigrette (I had to look up the spelling of that one!).  1 cup raspberries (frozen), 1 cup olive oil, 2 Tblsp. honey and 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar.  Blend it up til smooth and that salad was WAY easier to eat!!!

Here's what's on my mind today:  
Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. —1 Peter 5:6-7
Sometimes our lives can seem overloaded with struggles, heartaches & fears. We can even feel that we are in danger of going under. In those times, however, it is reassuring to know that we have a heavenly Father who stands ready to help us carry every load. Though the testings of life may feel like a burden too heavy to bear, we can have full assurance that our heavenly Father loves us deeply and knows our load limits. Whatever we face, He will help us to bear it.  Trust in Him.  (excerpted & revised from Our Daily Bread)

Back to sewing!


  1. So very true about the Elk hiding during hunting season.
    I, Maria, know that you ARE beautiful.
    The bunnies are taking over the homestead!
    I love knitted doilies and I knit the same design some time back. It is perfectly blocked to show all its beauty.

  2. Loved the verse and commentary. It brought to mind a favorite song by Scott Wesley Brown: There is no problem so big God cannot solve it, There is no mountain so tall He cannot move it; There is no storm so dark God cannot calm it, There is no sorrow so deep He cannot soothe it. If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders, I know, my brother, that He will carry you.

    Too bad about all those elk in the goat field. Fixing fence is NOT one of my favorite farm activities. Checking nestboxes for cuteness, now THAT is definitely a favorite!

  3. I'm glad you like the doily (or is that Doyley?)! :) It rather demanded to be taken to your house.

    Thanks for the commentary on the verse. Always good to be reminded of that.


  4. Good post! Mrs. RWP asked me to copy down your Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing recipe (we are looking forward to implementing it at the earliest opportunity) and she is also coveting a copy of the pattern for the acorn doily.

    You look like a perfectly normal person in your photograph, even though you make piles and piles of primitive bunnies and then sell them on Ebay.

    1. Mr. RWP, here is the pattern for the acorn doily:
      Hope Mrs. RWP enjoys knitting it!


    2. Thank you, Jenny-Fur. Mrs. RWP is now looking forward to making the acorn doily herself!

  5. I love reading your posts, just wish you would post more often, you know "in your spare time". Jenny-fur you are so funny and Rebecca I miss visiting with you,your sister, grandma and mom but love hearing on here that you have your own place. That must be very fun. And Pam you are beautiful both inside and out! Lords blessings to each and every one.