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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter, Red Rabbits, Then Came the Morning!

 Well, this morning we woke up to freezing temps and a dusting of snow!  I slipped and slid to the barn for morning milking & feeding chores, then back to the house for ham & eggs, toast & coffee.  I'll have to go out in a bit and do bunny chores, but my fingers were too cold right after milking.

Here's a newer pic of my New Zealand Red bunnies!  Their momma, Russet, is a newbie at this kit raising stuff, but she's kept all 9 alive so far!
 You can see our dusting of snow from one of my sewing/craft studio windows upstairs.   Brrrr.
We'll be feeding the cookstove all day today for sure!  We heat our big two story house with an Elmira wood cookstove Oval model that we bought when we built our house nearly 18 years ago.  Do I cook on it?  Well, only if I have to, I regret to say.  It's hot standing that close to it.....
 Here's Kaydence.  She loves me......can you tell?

The day she was born was very cold & frozen outside.  The very tips of her ears were freezing and we stuffed her in someone's jacket and rushed her to the house.  My husband calls her 'his' goat because he hugged her to life ;-)
She loves us for it.
 The kids are growing like bad weeds!  They are just about ready to go into the next stall with a big hay feeder and outside pen.  They've all been disbudded (de-horned) and some will become replacement milkers for us.
 Primitives this week:

A Spring bunny.......
 ...........more mischievous mice..........
.......and some owls.  These were fun!  I used to do a lot of painting when I was much younger and it's fun to be trying it again!

In a day or so, the butcher is going to call and say we should come pick up our beef.  That means I have to get the freezers ready......There are sour cherries that need to be canned as pie filling, strawberries & raspberries that want to be jam and any last year's beef that's left will need to be canned as well.  Can you say.......ouch?  Arthritis in the neck & shoulders will make this painful.  I'm so thankful that someone invented Tylenol and Ibuprofen!
Well, it's about time I went out and did my rabbit chores.  They'll be begging for treats and head-scratching, too.  At least I have a couple of heat lamps and a door to shut out most of the cold in that little building!

 My favorite song this week?  "Then Came the Morning" by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.  You can find it on YouTube, if you've a mind to. 

Until next time...............Keep your eyes on Him!!!

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