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Friday, March 14, 2014

March, Saunter, Amble or Meander! Look! A pomegranate!

 I've just decided that the reason I'm so tired is because it's March.  Why didn't they call it....Saunter?  Or Amble?  Maybe Meander or Drift?  Or even Stroll?  Nope, they just had to name it March!

That seems to be the pace around here on the farm.  MARCH!
In between cancer clinic appointments with my Mom which seem to take all day on Wednesdays, the rest of the time is filled with Spring farm chores, Spring cleaning, making meals and making primitives for my Ebay store.

Here's a rooster.  I love taking a flat piece of fabric, imagining it to be something and then creating it.  Doesn't always turn out like I pictured it, but some fun stuff appears anyhow!
 I've done a bunch of special orders lately.  I counted up and realize I've made over 500 little rabbits of one sort or another!

Did I mention I'm tired? 

My blogging friend, Mr. RWP, had to go and say it was PI day today.  That got me thinking about PI.....No, actually I have never once thought about PI.  I was thinking about pie.  I made an apple pie & a marionberry pie and ate a piece of marionberry hot right out of the oven.  A little slice of heaven!
 I love to make these life-sized crows, too.  I love how mischievous and pesky crows are.  They always seem to confident and cocky.
 This is Barnaby the rabbit.  He just left for his new home yesterday.
 This is a family of barn cats.  Our own barn cats actually look pretty much like this.....only all ours are geriatric at the moment! 

We've got Tunyr, his sister Baby Deeds, another sister Bitty Boots, Clawdette and her daughter Tippy.  And to round out the bunch, one old tom named Amos.  I know Spring is here because Amos has been SINGING on the porch at night, the frogs are croaking in the beaver ponds and I've heard a big ole owl hooting down in the valley.
 This is my English Lop litter.  They are all boys except seven......

I named them Varley, Starly, Slater, McQuinn, Eclipse, Agenoria, Taylor-Bird and Britannia.

You know....just good old ordinary everyday names. 
 I've got my Hole in the Wall quilt coming along pretty well now.  I had to order the outside border online and just got it, so now I've no excuse not to finish it up!  The outside border will be the same as the 'hole' in the door.....
 My pomegranate plant has a fruit!!!  They bloom the most fabulous coral colored flowers, and this time one finally stayed on the bush and is growing into a tiny pomegranate!
It's been a long time since I blogged.  The days go swiftly past - all full of pretty much the same things.  Lots of ordinary everyday chores - housekeeping, cooking, sewing.  Today I put a new floor in one of a pair of rabbit cages I am double stacking.  I got almost done, only mashed my finger twice, and then my husband called to say he needed me to come pick him up at work (50 minutes away)and drive him to the mechanic to pick up his truck in town.  I put rabbits back in their cages, changed into my 'town' clothes and headed out.  Convinced my dearest that he should take me out for Chinese food (and he did!)  I headed for home - he headed for the feed store.  Once I got home he called to say he was bringing new chickies & turkeys, so out I went again to prepare chickie & turkey pens.  Into the house for a short time, then he drove up so out I went once AGAIN to put the new poultry to bed.  BACK into the house, only to realize I left my chore jacket in the rabbit house.  OUT again to get it.......noticed that I forgot to water a couple of rabbits so I did that.  BACK into the house only to realize I still hadn't remembered my jacket!   I left it there.  Did I mention I'm tired?  And old?
Well, 'nuf said for today.  I came.  I blogged.  I feel better now :-)

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  1. Woo Hoo! I was so excited to see a post from you!
    I think we should call March...Meander. Good idea there, Maynard.
    Bunnies! Cute cute.
    Love your Hole In The Wall quilt top. Can I come over when you are ready to quilt it and watch? I'll have coffee and Marionberry pie, too.
    Don't be quick to shoot of you hear someone tugging on the fresh pomegranate when it's ripe!
    I would be ever so happy to take your groom to pick up his truck next time.....serious.
    I miss you and hope I can steal some of your precious time before August. ;)