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Monday, September 2, 2013

Apple pie, canning salmon & other stuff

 I have a 'new to me' Newcomb Loom - the Studio model.  Apparently the factory in Davenport Iowa closed down many years ago after having made looms from at least the late 1800s into the early 1970s.  I finally located a really nice lady who is sending me the manual & instructions for it!  (Thank you SO much, Jeanne!!)

Try to say 'Newcomb Loom Co.' a few times and you'll understand why my family keeps laughing at me.....
 It's been kind of an odd garden year with the weather a bit off this year.  A lot of the apples have fallen off before ripening, but I did pick a basket full of Chehalis apples & a few Gravensteins and......
 .....oh yeah!   made a couple of fresh apple pies.  Is there really anything more delicious than fresh apple pie?   With coffee, of course.  It's good for breakfast, too!
 My husband has been enjoying the local fishing and keeps bringing home salmon to be canned or frozen.  I believe some are pink and some are silver.  All I know is they all take a loooooooong time in the pressure canner!  About an hour & 40 minutes, to be exact!
 We decided not to buy & can albacore this year, but to can the salmon since he's able to catch those. 

We did drive out to Westport WA on Saturday to buy a little cod & halibut and to play!  We walked on the beach - the temperature was around 76* and NO WIND!  For those of you not familiar with the Washington coast, this is practically unheard of!  Usually it is cold and windy on our coast line!  We had a marvelous day, ate a delicious steak dinner at Bennett's Seafood Restaurant and found.....
 .....not this............
 ......but this AMAZING find at one of the shops!!  I am SO thrilled with this one!  One one end it is stamped New York/Great Britain.  It is a shipping container that no doubt made its way by cargo ship from the Scotland factory with  a new Singer Sewing machine in it destined for a housewife in the United States!  Wish it could tell its story!

Maddie the chihuahua was unimpressed.
Then yesterday my mom, daughters & I decided to have a 'ladies shopping/lunch' day out and I found some fun primitives to work into my ebay primitive sales and decor.

We had a wonderful day together and now today it's back to the grindstone - housekeeping, cooking, sewing and more construction!

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