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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is here and I love every minute of it!

 These are Pumpkin Scones - I found the recipe on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog and OH MAN were they delicious!!!!!  You'd better get right over there and scroll through the posts until you find it and make them right away! 

I'm totally into Fall mode now, and these were perfect with coffee and a 'Cinnamon Roll' scented candle on the table.....

I LOVE FALL.  Leaves, squirrels, acorns, Oak leaves, Maple leaves, pumpkins, quilts......
 This is Tunyr.  (Pronounced Tuner).  He is around 17 years old now.  He owns my younger daughter.  Years back, when both he and my daughter were younger, he caught and was bitten by a bat.  Because she is spoiled loved, we actually sent the bat to a laboratory to be tested for rabies, so that she wouldn't lose her ridiculously expensive beloved pet.  Fortunately, the bat was not rabid and Tunyr lives on.  And on.
 This is part of the view from my back porch, looking to the south.  The hill to the right in back is about 3100 feet in elevation.  The cool fir tree in the fog is mine.  I have claimed it and named it The Feather Tree.  It's actually Weyerhaueser Timber's tree, but it's on the property line and I love it more than they do :-)  I made a wall hanging of it (quilted) even.  Have they done that?  I don't think so.

Wasn't this a grand Autumn morning picture???
 This is a sideways picture of my weaving loom.  (?)
It was at my son's house and had to be moved, so I dismantled it and put it back together in my own sewing rooms.  UGH.  It was heavy and FULL of parts!  The good news is that it went back together with no parts left over, so I probably did it right. 

Soon I shall begin to learn the art of weaving.  When canning season ends.  And our building project is finished and my daughter moves into it.....
 I've had these pumpkin primitives started but not finished for awhile now, so today I got to work on them and got them listed on Ebay.

We occasionally traipse through our woods to gather moss, sticks, nuts, pinecones etc.  My younger daughter & I both have artistic bent.  My older daughter refers to it as 'gathering with nuts in May' and thinks we are just plain bent, forget the artistic part ;-)

Our woods is a wonderous place and we just beat the rains on Friday, gathering baskets of really nice
mosses, twisted sticks, hemlock & cedar cones.

Saw signs of bear, scared a flock of wild ducks out of the beaver dam and just missed running over a chipmunk with my truck, but that was the extent of the livestock we encountered.  The rains held off and we barely needed the 4-wheel-drive to make it back up to the house from our valley.....

I'm trying to learn to tat.  I think I've finally figured out the basic double stitch & picot.  I'll practice on that for awhile and then watch a few more YouTube videos & see if I can figure out what's next.

Well, that's it from this hilltop for today.  Tomorrow we need to make pie filling out of the 7 boxes of King apples we picked yesterday.  I'll try to remember to take a few pictures.....and make a pie while we're at it!

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  1. I am stuffing my face as I type with these toooo yummy scones. Soooo not on my diet but hey ya gotta cheat sometime right?