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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home from the Fair!

 Well, the Fair is officially over and we are back to our regularly scheduled life......If I ever actually catch up, it will be a momentous day and we shall make it a holiday and celebrate with chocolate and coffee.  Oh, wait.....we do that anyhow!

This is a tiny view of the Fair from the front of 'our' building.  We spent 6 days sewing, visiting, informing & answering questions in this building.
 Several of we superintendents own little Singer Featherweight sewing machines, so we decided to make a Featherweight display.  They were a hit, even with the men! 
 The week before Fair, we have Check-In Day and people bring all their stuff in.  After Judgement Day (the next day) we put prize ribbons on them and then begin to decorate/display.
This is what it sort of looks like before.....
......and then after a lot of hard work on the part of volunteers, it looks like this! 

This is just one corner of the building.....Imagine the hours spent on the part of many; purchasing fabric, cutting, sewing, quilting....
....and this is just one display case. 

It went well, though we were all so tired all week we still haven't recovered!

Now that we're home again, we've been trying to catch up on a little rest, away from the *hubbub.  Unfortunately, my mom is back to twice weekly cancer treatments and this week she had three appointments.  That means a 45 minute drive to the clinic, 1-3 hours there and then the 45 minute drive back.  Hard to catch up at home when you're not actually, well, at home!  
I've managed to get the dandelions in the yard mowed down and cleaned my rabbitry.  The sauerkraut wants canning (Friday?) and all the Fair stuff is finally put back in place, except for the canning entries which are still stacked on the picnic table on the porch.  When I checked on the young replacement hens, I opened their door and a bat fell past my eyes to land at my feet.  Did you hear me scream?

  Last night was a full moon and the coyotes were echoing off the mountain.  I think Fall is in the air already. 
Well, just wanted to get back in the swing and this is a very rambling post, but that's sort of the way life goes here on the farm!  Cancer treatment in town for Mom today, sauerkraut canning tomorrow and on Saturday is the Cowlitz Prairie Threshing Bee (no kidding!).  We like to go and see the antique machinery, Flea Market, tractor pull....good clean country fun! 

*a loud, confused noise, as of many voices: There was quite a hubbub in the auditorium after the announcement. 2. tumult; uproar.  (Interesting that synonyms were equally interesting words:  brouhaha and a situation that has gone piggledy wiggledy.) 


  1. The Living Arts Department of the fair had to be great and I missed it. :(
    My girls (aka: young hens) took up all my time as I was figuring out who was laying the eggs...when.
    I look forward to your sauerkraut canning details with pictures (they help me a ton) as my kraut (3 weeks in the fermentation process) might be ready soon. I'll go taste it tomorrow to see if it's ready.
    I sure love your mom......
    Big hugs and kisses to you all.

  2. I have no sauerkraut of my own, but I still look forward to your pictures.