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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Morning on the Farm and the Dance of Joy

 I woke up at my usual 5:45ish this morning and, since my husband is working away from home and staying for 3-4 days, decided he could use extra prayer.  I prayed for his safety while working and traveling.  I wish I could say that when I got up at 7:24 that it was because I'd prayed diligently all that time.  I didn't. 
Actually, I fell asleep and dreamed I was trying to catch three goats.  One had two collars on.  By the time we caught them all, we were so pleased that we did the 'Dance of Joy' that Balki & Larry used to do (google it).  Where did that come from, I wonder?

 I'll take you around the farm with me this morning.  First, stop in the boot room and get your chore coat and a hat on.  We're going to end up milking and feeding goats and they're stinky.  Be sure to put boots on.  After all, this is's's wet.

The wood shed is looking good - all that Douglas Fir, full of pitch, burns hot and warms the house up in a hurry.
 Rebecca is up ahead with the wagon.  She's moving some rabbit cages to the barn.  She'll help milk since my hands can't handle our three good milkers all by myself.  Can you say....arthritis?
 Merrieanne, Shiloh and E-Goat are eating their scoop of grain and ready to be washed and milked.  Shiloh is the hardest to milk, but we'll get-er-done.

After we've filtered the milk, washed up the strainer & milk buckets and then fed the kids, we'll be done.  Don't forget to feed the cats.
Don't worry, I can feed all three kids at once!  You'll understand why I change my jeans once I get back in the house after we're done with the morning chores!
 I see Laura has already been outside and let the chickens out.  They love to free-range and if we leave an opening they'll be everywhere - including under the porch and in my flower beds.

We've got 13 hens and a rooster.  A light in the chicken house keeps them laying eggs all winter, so we're in good supply.  Actually, I think there are about 8 or 9 dozen in the fridge, so be sure to take some home with you.
 I suppose your porch rocker isn't full of interesting lichens or moss?  We gathered this in the woods one day and here it stays.  Oh, well, it's too wet & cold to sit outside anyhow.
 On my way to the rabbit house I see this little mossy thing.  Western Washington definitely has moss.  And lichens.  And other things that like it damp.

I guess that must include us, right? 
Rabbit chores took a little longer this morning since the rabbit cage pans needed cleaning, water bottles filled and feeders topped off with alfalfa pellets...Then for the fun stuff....TREATS!!!

<------Scarlotti didn't want to wait until I could scoop some COB (corn, oats, barley with molasses) into her dish.
 Neither did Yetta ----------------------------->
 My litter of six new orange Netherland Dwarfs are growing nicely and I just weaned them a few days ago.   Soon I'll separate the boys & girls, then a little later each one will have their own cage.

I'm going to grow these little guys out before I decide if I'm keeping them all.  They take a while to develop fully.
 I thought a selfie was in order, so here I am ------------>

You're jealous of my barn boots, I can tell.  These are wonderful.  I am reminded of Rhymes With Plague's wife, Ellie, as she's been coloring interesting designs not unlike the ones on my boots.  Maybe I should tell her and she could start a line of fabulously colored boots:  Ellie's Wellie's.....Yes?
I love this little gate.  It opens into the garden, alongside the greenhouse/rabbit house.  Isn't it cute?

Well, you did morning chores.  Back into the house we go and I've decided not to cook anything for breakfast.  A bowl of homemade granola with a few raisins and (of course) goat milk and I'm ready for the next thing, which happens to be sewing today. 

Did a lot more things than that today,  but this was just a morning tour, remember?  

Maybe next time I'll tell you how to make Three Cheese Bacon Mac 'n Cheese because you missed out.  That's what we had for lunch!


  1. What a busy, busy morning you had. I would be exhausted all the time.

    And if Ellie started a line of perfume instead of boots, I suppose the fragrances could be called Ellie's Smellies? Or make sweet spreads from strawberries and grapes and blackberries and call them Ellie's Jellies! You have me laughing out loud today - Thanks!

  2. Phew! I am exhausted after all that work and I now smell of goat poop! Thanks Hilly! Bob's Knobs would be a great line down at the hardware store and Hilly's Sillies could be a shop that sells jokey stuff like magic tricks, balloons and masks etc..

    By the way, US Customs apprehended me at Seattle Airport when they discovered six of your eggs in my suitcase!