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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Burritos, Baby it's Cold Outside & Baby Goats

 We had several days in a row that were below freezing....and when it started to thaw, we got a day of ice!  Very slick, but very pretty.
 Even inside the rabbit house the water bottles froze and I had to hook up a small heater.
 The kids were warm & comfy in the barn under their heat lamp.  You can see that Shultz is full of attitude in both these pictures.  All three kids are growing like weeds!  They each drink a 20 ounce pop bottle of lovely, warm goat milk twice a day at milking time.
 We've got an abundance of milk since two of the mama goats are giving a gallon a day and the other is close behind.  It's about time to scout around for a bottle-calf to use up the excess.
 E-Goat wonders if it's milking time yet.
 Paxton has decided that it's too cold and she can't be bothered.  She's going to wait until Spring.
 All we got was a pathetic dusting of snow.  I was very disappointed.  On my list of favorite things, LOTS OF SNOW ranks right up there with squirrels, acorns, coffee and sewing machines.

 Our little quilting group had a Christmas gift exchange and I received these fun items:  a Scrap Quilting book, a quilting UFO (un-finished object) and some quilt labels & patterns.  Fun!

 Can you say....BURRITOs?   Oh...YUM!  Get your deep-fryer out, make sure there's sufficient oil in it and turn it up to about 400*.

Brown some hamburger.  Make sure it's nice, lean stuff - who needs all that fat?

I use the smaller soft flour tortillas.
 Drain & rinse a can of black beans; or any old kind you like - kidney or pintos are good, too.
 Add taco seasoning to taste.  I buy it in bulk, but you can use those individual little packets instead, if you prefer.
 Mix it all up in your frying pan.
 Grate some cheddar and as you spoon your taco mix on the tortillas, throw a bit of cheese on there, too.
 Coming along nicely.
 You could, of course, add lettuce, tomato & black olives and then a little sour cream & salsa and eat these as soft tacos now.  But, if you want a really good treat, you'll keep going and finish up these burritos!
 Roll 'em, secure with wooden toothpicks....
 When you've got them all ready to go (I used a pound of burger and 10 small tortillas, by the way), you can begin to deep fry!
 It only takes a couple of minutes - until they're a nice golden brown color.  Be very very careful.  Hot grease is, well, dangerous.

As you take them out of the fryer (with tongs), drain them on paper towels placed over a cookie rack.
Then pile them up on a plate in the oven at 170* (low) or so.  I always take the toothpicks out so no one accidentally eats one ;-)

Serve with salsa & sour cream and LOTS of napkins. 

Now, wasn't that easy and tasty?? 

That was today's dinner.  Now I'm catching up on my Ebay and Etsy stores and then I'm going to read just a couple chapters in a novel I started before I call it a night and head off to bed.


  1. I'm definitely with you, Hilly. Super cold weather like you and I are having is absolutely no fun. We will finally get above freezing on Tuesday, "they" tell us. But we do have about four inches of snow to go with it. Just enough to cover up all the dog poop on the front lawn. But I would rather have a foot of snow because you have to do exactly the same amount of work to clear the lane to get to the road two miles away whether you have four or ten inches!

  2. Peace Thyme, if you are using a gas-driven snow plow perhaps you are right. But if you're clearing a lane by hand with a shovel, more snow means more "work" in terms of muscle and energy involved. Snow weighs something, after all, and ten inches of snow weighs two-and-a-half times more than four inches of snow. Hence, more work is involved.

  3. Thank you for your burrito recipe with accompanying pictures. Perhaps one day technology will allow us to send foodstuffs around the world by simply clicking a button - a bit like the "transporter" in Star Trek. Then you could send me any spare burritos. Could I have two please?