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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Milk goats, Mini Lops and Meandering to the Coast for Clamming

 The wind's been blowing and the rain has made everything puddles & mud.  I'm glad my rabbits live inside the big greenhouse where it's dry and out of the wind!

Tailor-Bird wonders why I'm pointing my camera at her and isn't too sure she likes having her picture taken.

 This is Bitty Boots.  She's a very dumb cat.  When she was about 2 1/2 weeks old, her mama ran out of milk.  We didn't realize it right away and Bitty Boots was nearly starved before we figured it out and starting bottle feeding.  She's about a half-bubble off, but a pleasant kitty, nonetheless.  She walks to the barn ahead of me......weaving back & forth right in front of my feet and scowling back at me if I nip her heels a bit.
 Just for you, Y. Pudding, here's a picture of MaryAnne (on the left) and Shiloh (on the right) waiting for me to commence milking.  Each gives about 3 quarts in the morning and considerably less at night since we don't milk in even 12 hr intervals.  My milk stand has stanchions (head locking devices) for three goats at a time.  It's nice because all the goats have a chance to eat their grain that way as I milk pretty fast.
 As I walk out of the barn to the house, MaryAnne & Shilo head for the water bucket.  I guess grain makes you thirsty.  There are three more doe goats in the same pen, but they are still arguing over the grain tossed across the hay and can't be bothered to come outside and get a drink.

Our two milking shorthorn (breed name) steers are looking on in the background.
 While doing rabbit chores this morning, we lined up four of the Mini Lops and took a picture.  These guys are tri-colors - aren't they stunning?  My daughter raises Mini Lops, French Lops, English Lops and orange Netherland Dwards.  I have English Lops, New Zealand (meat breed) and one French Lop named Olivia.  We specialize in rare colored rabbits. 
 Back in the house again and here's a picture of my latest project in sewing machines.  This is a vintage Singer Serger.  It needs cleaning and doesn't have a power cord.  I bought one and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  I'm going to use the pedal in the picture and hope that I can get it up and running. 

My new quilting frame has fabric leaders (on the bars that hold the quilt top & backing) that need to be serged on the edges before I can start machine quilting.  I've got it almost ready to go and am anxious to start quilting!
 Ticking barn cats are in my Ebay store now.  Mostly I've done pigs....pigs and more pigs. 
 ...And today is no exception.  Two sets of pigs sold, so I spent some time cutting out more pigs!
 This is an old fashioned Coca Cola bottle crate.  I use lots of buttons and some black beads for eyes in my crafting and needed an organized arrangement for storage.  I tacked this crate to my wall and slipped matching jars into each hole.  I glued a sample of what's in each jar to the lid.  Works great!
This is just above the sewing machine I sew most of my primitives on.  I've nicknamed that machine Old Faithful.  It's an old black Singer model 201 with a powerful potted motor and it sews like a dream.

Well, the day is just about over and I'm tired.  I have two rooms upstairs in our house that are 1) my personal sewing machine museum & crafting/sewing room and 2) an adjoining crafting materials/storage room that now houses my new quilting frame as well.  I spent some time today reorganizing to make more room for the 7 1/2' frame.  Tomorrow my husband & I are leaving for a couple days at the beach in our camp trailer.  We live only about an hour & 15 minutes from the coast.  Hubby's going to dig a few clams (I will watch....) and we'll enjoy the scenery & have dinner out.  I'll post some pics when we get back.   The weather is supposed to be dry for the next couple days, but this is western Washington, after all, so there's no guarantee on that!


  1. Hello there! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I have just had a quick look round your blog and am sure this won't have been my last visit.
    We once used to have a cat that was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, too. It wasn't his fault - he had been taken away from his mother too early (not by us) and never had the chance to learn everything a kitten usually learns before going their own way. But he was very dear, and one of the most handsome cats we ever had.

  2. Thanks for allowing me and other visitors through your door. Special thanks for the requested photos of Maryanne and Shiloh. I like the idea you had for the jar lids instead of labelling them with words. I hope that you and Mr Hilly had a nice time at the coast. Fresh, quickly cooked clams are such a joy.

  3. What a great read! I love your new old serger and can't wait to see it in action.
    Your primitives are so cute and you are so organized! :: hangs head in shame::
    Hope to visit soon.

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