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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Accepting the 2014 Newbie Blogger Award

Hare on the hill thars much foot stompin' an halleluyoorin' agoin' on tonight as we celebrate gittin' the NEWBIE-WHO-HASN'T-QUITE-GOT-THE-HANG-OF-IT Award, presented by nun other than MR. Beef Gravy hisself, the ESTEEMED Yorkshire Pudding!   (tiny smattering of applause)

Oh.  This just in:   Mr. Pudding was unable to attend today's presentation as he was still suffering fom bad choices at the goin's on at the big award celebration last night.  Poor Mr. Puddin'.  No doubt he'll feel better when his gout heals up.

Accepting now with a clear head and ear to ear grin.....Thank you, thank you.


  1. You thoroughly deserve the "newbie" award Mistress Hilly and I am glad that you have embraced it with good grace. If I were in your neighbourhood right now I'd pick you up and take you to "Frank's Hideaway" in Winlock for a few celebratory glasses of "Schlitz". Surely your hubby wouldn't mind.

  2. If I may say so, you are most-deserving of the newbie award. And please ignore Mr. Pudding's lecherous advances. He can't help them. He's from Sheffield.

    1. Beware also of RWP. He is not quite the gentleman he seems - using more cunning tactics than me to trap unsuspecting lady bloggers.

    2. I am rarely unsuspecting, it being my nature. I think you're both bluffing, but come on over for coffee and we'll chat 'round the woodstove and see who spins the most interesting yarns.