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Monday, July 15, 2013

Quick post, then get back to work!

 Looks like a party, doesn't it?  Well, it's not ;-)  It's just a mid afternoon snack!  If we waited for a party, we'd have a long wait as we're not exactly party animals.  In between different jobs on the farm, we fixed this snack and took time to sit down in our porch rockers and enjoy it....for a minute....then back to work!
 Isn't it pretty?
 This is what I had for breakfast.  I made the batter, heated the waffle iron and had everyone watch their own waffle while I sat and savored my own.  Sounds selfish, doesn't it?  Well, normally I'd cook them all, keeping them warm in the oven and then serving them all at once, but I'm trying to create a new tradition of NOT cooking on Sundays (doesn't work) so I make a tiny effort towards that every so often......
I made regular waffle batter (from scratch of course) and then sprinkled chopped pecans over before I shut the waffle iron lid.....Then butter & maple syrup (both real, no fake stuff here...)   Yum.  Of course I had to go out to the chicken house first to find a couple of eggs, but that didn't slow me down too much.  After all, the waffle iron had to heat up.

Today we're pouring the second half of a concrete slab in our barn, so I've got to imagine lunch for hungy concrete-pouring-people so today's blog is short!  Breakfast first.....bacon & pancakes, then milking chores, bunny chores and then back in to start on lunch............Gotta run! 


  1. That "snack" looks like a whole summertime lunch to me. (Let it be duly noted here in Blogland that your "snack china" is Franciscan ware, the Apple pattern. Well done.) And of course your waffle batter would be "from scratch" and use real butter (did you churn it yourself?) and real maple syrup (from the annual trip to Vermont, perhaps, where you retrieved it straight from the tree?). And you top it all off by spending the day pouring concrete, along with the ever-present milking chores and bunny chores (I have no idea what "bunny chores" means. Food? Water? A mid-morning 10K hop-along race? Hosing out the warrens? Surely you don't milk the bunnies too.)

    I'm not mocking, really I'm not. I'm in awe.

    1. We used to milk a Jersey and make our own butter, but goats are easier to keep (and easier to digest...) so we (gasp) buy our butter like everyone else. I'd LOVE to see Vermont, but am a homebody, tied to the farm, so I only imagine the trees my Costco maple syrup comes from! Bunny chores: water, feed, clean pans, play with baby bunnies, gather dandelion greens for treats, turn the fans on.... I leave the bunny-milking to the baby bunnies! Never a dull moment on the farm!

  2. Everything looks so inviting! I hope I get to see the new floor in the barn after it cures. How exciting!
    I so enjoy visiting your blog and also reading RMW's comments. ;)

    1. Maria, you'll HAVE to come out and see us again and we can catch up and if you're really really good, we'll let you see the new concrete floor.....