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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Overwhelming Ides of March

When you aren't overwhelmed....are you just, well, whelmed?  I think I could use a little bit of underwhelmedness for awhile!

It's been a long winter here in good ole Washington.  First, we had a fair bit of snow.

And then it rained.  It snowed some more.  Did I mention that it snowed?  And then rained?
 There was an extra cold spot in front of the dishwasher that I mentioned several times to my hubby.  He finally crawled under the house, only to find that it was a mess!  A leak that apparently happened long ago and now enough house was rotted that it required new floor joists and removal of the cabinet, which meant all new countertops.  The kitchen was out of commission for quite a bit, but I do enjoy the new countertops and new cast iron sink I got out of the deal!
 Then it snowed some more.  Did I also mention that here in the Pacific Northwest we do not get a lot of snow?  Usually.

Zen the Shetland Sheep thought it was just fine.  We thought it made chores a bit chilly.

The goats insisted on kidding and the kids added up.  More chilly chores.

I bought a milking machine and finally convinced myself to learn how to use it in self defense.
 As if tearing the kitchen apart and doing gazillions of chores in the snow were not enough, we also got another kitten.  What possessed us to do that?  Well, Mr. Ripley, the first kitten, is aloof and unfriendly and dear youngest daughter badly wanted a cuddly companion.  So, Theo has joined the insanity family and now there are two CRAZED AND MANIACAL young cats AND an opinionated chihuahua in my house.  They spend most of their waking hours tearing around the house and sharpening their claws on my furniture.  Can you say.......CAT and DOG HAIR IS EVERYWHERE???  Oh.  my.  word.
Just to be sure that my nerves don't settle down, my oldest daughter has become ENGAGED.  This is a very happy occasion, do not get me wrong, but it is also fraught with....things.  Things on the calendar, things to plan, things to remember, things to do.....So many THINGS!  She is thrilled.  Her intended is a wonderful  like-minded Christan young man.  We are thrilled.  At least I think we will be when we get over the shock of it all, lol.

I think I missed my long winter's nap.  Wonder if it's too late?


  1. You simply must try to post more often than once per season. Your audience is counting on you to step up the pace a bit. Congratulations on your new joists and countertops and sink and milking machine and kitten and prospective son-in-law. We live on a fixed income and can't afford so many new items at once, but I trust you know what you are doing. Our winter lasted two days this year. It happened earlier this week and now all of our azaleas are history.

    Seriously, glad to have you back in blogworld.

    1. Hmm. That would explain why we are cash poor, but always have milk & eggs, lol! I'll try harder, Bob :-)

  2. Well hello there! I was happy to see your comment I haven't been here in a long while Shame on me. I haven't been much of anywhere the last few months though. Blogland kind of lost its luster for me after the least the reading of blogs. Too much nastiness and anti-American crap. ANYWAY, I read your last few posts and you make me tired just reading about all you do! You're BUSY! It sure is fun to read about though. XOXO

    1. Makes me feel tired, too! Thanks for stopping in (want a cup of coffee?) and I'll be back to visit you again, soon!

  3. Hi there! I hope things slow down a bit for you, but with that wedding coming up, well, I'll be praying for you. It was 13 years ago that we had to throw a wedding for our youngest, and I thought I might not make through it. LOL, but that's how I felt. They got engaged and married within 4 months. I'll be praying...bless your heart.

    1. I'll take those prayers for sure! I am encouraged that you DID survive...there may be hope, lol! Thanks for stopping in!