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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We've gone Clampetting and I've Got Bird Legs!

In all our....must be almost 35 years of marriage now, we've never gone clamming before this year and suddenly that seems to be all we do. I know my family tends to compulsive-disorder-obsessive (yes, I know that's not how most people say it, but this way it's in alphabetical order.....). We find something we like at the moment and then that's our focus until we find something else to tickle our fancy.

We've gone camping at the beach each month this year in order to be there for clam digging. I don't even like clams, but the adventure has been fun. There's a new style of glamor camping called Glamping, made popular by MaryJane Butters of MaryJane's Farm (magazine, books, etc.) but we definitely don't fit into the glamor category. Actually, after thinking about it, we most resemble the Clampetts (think Beverly Hillbillies), so now we figure we go Clampetting. It does make choosing clothes to pack easier!
Anyone who thinks camping, even in a camp trailer, is some kind of vacation should think again. Between the searching online, choosing & reserving a site, right down to the packing of clothes and planning of meals, camping is an arduous affair. We don't seem to be able to live without at least 5 changes of clothes (even for just overnight). Must bring the laptop computer, even though there's no internet connection. Husband's tv & headphones: check. Breakfast, lunch & dinner, too (nothing else will do...) : check. Favorite pillows & extra blankets, drinking water, dog bed, dog food & dog biscuits.
 Oh, and don't forget shampooing the dog before we leave. Prescription meds, supplements, milk for coffee and, of course, coffee: check. Extra shoes, coats & hats for beach weather : check. Firewood & kindling, clamming gun, bag & buckets: check. We usually forget something – this time hubby forgot his jammy pants.......again.......
We do all our farm chores before we leave, double up on water bottles for bunnies. Younger daughter stayed home with Nanny and took care of meals and milking chores.
 All that work for.........this.   A little divot in the sand.
Just before we left, I had a second HUGE primitives order to finish and we had a ladies get-together. Grocery shopped the day before we left and even though we got back yesterday, I haven't even unpacked everything yet. Can you say.......Lyme Disease? Chronic illness is something you figure out how to live with, but that still doesn't make it much fun. I've obviously been overdoing, and now I'm feeling puny. I guess it's a good excuse to slow down and take some time to read & craft....and blog.... Slowly.....
The bunnies above are just one small part of the order I worked on.  The bowl in front of my coffee is paint, NOT chocolate, FYI.

Have you got bird legs?   I do!
 Kwanzan Cherry tree in my yard, blooming its heart out.  Yesterday the temperature was 82* on my porch.  Today most of these blossoms are lying on my driveway - blasted off by the wind & light showers, high temperature around 51* today.  That's Spring for you, I guess.
 The chickies are growing fast!  They are nearly all feathered out.  Soon they'll be moving to a bigger pen.
 I'm all about comfort today, so I made a turkey pot pie for dinner.  This is the inside.  I put a pie crust on top and baked it, alongside a little pan of applesauce.  Applesauce is a gazillion times better eaten hot.  Try it if you don't believe me.
 If you're feeling a little fat, stand next to a big tree.  You'll look much smaller.
 Here's my greenhouse/bunny house.  We've been putting siding on it and will paint it one sunny, dry day.
We've clammed at both Grayland Beach and Long Beach the last couple of months.

 These beautiful buildings are the lightkeeper cottages at North Head Lighthouse. The smaller buildings below are the original barns & chicken house.
Dinner's over, the dog is fed and the evening chores are done.  I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow as Nanny has an appointment at the Cancer Clinic at 10 a.m. and I'm her designated driver, so I'm going to take it easy and rest for the evening.  And maybe do a little more sewing & crafting ;-)

Until next time.....God bless!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He Is Risen and There's New Life on the Farm!

 Get ready for a cuteness overload!  I just realized that I haven't posted in a month, but when you see all the newbies on the farm, you'll understand why I've been just a bit busy.....
 Petruccio is the spotted buckling and Ekaterina is his sidekick.  These are the only two goat offspring that we are keeping this year. 

We are now milking 4 goats, morning and night.  Each kid drinks a pop bottle (20 ounces) morning and night, we keep about a gallon for the two households here on the farm.  The cats have an all-you-can-drink-milk-bar down at the barn and we're STILL pouring some down the drain!  I know it's a waste, but one can only drink so much coffee with milk in it....
 This little gal is a tri-color Mini Lop rabbit.  Do you see the heart on her shoulder?
 Chicks came in the mail this week.  Their pen was ready with shavings and heat lamps, chickie starter feed and water.  They are now about 6 or 7 days old and already starting to grow wing feathers!

The yellow ones are Buff Orpingtons, the rest are a mixture of Americauna and Wyandotte.

Can you say.....omelets?
 We actually have a flock of about 18 or 19 adult hens at present, but they will be replaced with these younger birds once these start to lay in about 6 months.
 English Lops love attention and this sweetie is no exception.  This me first!
 On to the babies!  Here's a baby Mini Lop looking like maybe he needs to grow into his ears!
 Baby English Lops - a huge litter of......well, just two.  Their mama is slacking and should have had a bigger litter.  These two will not be lacking for nourishment since mama only has two to feed instead of 9 or 10!
 Do you notice what baby rabbits like to do best?
 This guy is a bit older and not too sure he likes being held.   He is a young French Lop named Mack.
 Besides spending a lot of time outside taking care of baby animals, I try to squeak in some sewing and crafting.  (I try NOT to squeak in any time for housework.....)

I just finished this pair of wool owls for my Ebay store.
 This little quilt topper for my daughter......
 Found this rustic old Humpty Dumpty at a thrift shop.  My older daughter was HORRIFIED that I picked it up and even more disgusted when I bought it!  I figure it's a true primitive, probably from the 40's or 50's and I'll eventually list it in my Ebay store, too.
 She didn't mind that I bought this basket of kitty cats.  I may actually keep them for awhile. 

When I came in with them, I announced to my husband that I had brought a whole basket of kittens home.  I'll leave his reaction to your imagination :-)
 The weather has cooled back down and is much more seasonal for April.  It's alternating with frosty mornings and rainy/sunny/cloudy/hailing days with rather cool temperatures.  Much more normal than the balmy days we'd had previously.

The flowers are blooming all around....snapdragons....
I took my turn home with my mom this morning while my husband and daughters went off to Easter services at our local community church celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord!   My older daughter is playing the piano for church today, my younger daughter singing with a small choir.

I'm making Easter dinner this afternoon.  Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Grilled Asparagus, Candied Yams.....(doesn't it look impressive if you capitalize???)   Anyhow, that's a peek at the farm right now.   May your day be filled with family & blessings and may your hearts be filled with the peace that passes understanding through the love of Jesus who died on the cross for me and YOU!