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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

 The newest addition to my ever changing collection is this nice oak treadle sewing machine.

It is in quite nice shape and has quite a few attachments included.
 The interesting part is that it is a Two Spool machine made by the National Sewing Machine Company.  Instead of a spool of thread on top and a bobbin under the machine, this one has a canister underneath, where you would usually find the bobbin (pictured below) that takes another spool of thread.  I suppose they figured that would save you winding bobbins. 
 On my imaginary list of machines that SHOULD be in my collection, this one was pretty near the top.

My daughter found it by chance at the local Goodwill Store.

It was not a bargain.  It took me all of about 1/2 second to KNOW it was mine!
 The most amusing thing was when we went to pick it up, the warehouse guy apologized, telling us that some kids were playing with it and broke the 'power cord'. 

I guess that's sort of true.  Its power comes not from a motor, but is people-powered.  The leather treadle belt could be considered the power cord, I suppose!
 Look at the lovely grain of that oak!
 The original manual was still in the drawer, though in pretty ragged pieces.

A fabulous addition to my 'herd'.  I can't wait to try her out!

I earn my sewing machine money myself by creating primitives.
 Mostly I've been busy with Christmas primitives, but sure enough rabbit and pig orders pop up anyhow.

Which reminds me, I need to make a set of these bunnies tonight.
 My newest creations have been Olde World Santas.  Here are two of my most recent ones. 

I don't care for the modern 'fat guy in a red suit' santa, but I can tolerate these Olde World Father Christmas types quite well and am definitely having a lot of fun making them.
 I've had more time for sewing and crafting lately.  My mom is much better and doesn't require so much care.  (Praise the Lord for THAT answer to prayer!)  Apparently He isn't finished with her yet!

I'm working on a gift quilt, have some unfinished stuff lined up to work on and of course I'm gathering fabric for a new Christmas quilt for myself - not that it'll be done by Christmas, but it's fun to buy and plan with Christmas fabrics at this time of the year.

It's been rainy & windy - perfect weather to do the household necessary chores as quick as a bunny and then get right to my sewing/crafting studio and CREATE!!!

 You can find me at:

 These little guys are
popular, too.  I have an Ebay store and am gaining followers and enjoying my little corner of the Ebay world! 

God has richly blessed me and I'm so thankful.  Every good and perfect gift is from Him!

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  1. You are a very talented and wonderful person. I love reading your words.
    Lovely primitives and bunnies.