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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This turkey didn't actually do anything different than usual right up until he was invited for dinner.  That was last year, though.  This year we didn't raise any turkeys and are having roast chicken for dinner.  I suppose I should have asked them (the chickens) what THEY were doing for their last day, but they actually came from Costco......
 This is my thimble holder.  And a squirrel.  And my hand.  The thimble holder is carved and was a gift from my husband and the squirrel I made to keep the thimble from rattling around inside it.
 It's the season for fires in the stove, homemade bread and lots of hot coffee.  Especially since we've been working on a building project, moving my sewing machine museum/collection upstairs.  Hard work, must have coffee!!!
 Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow.  Ladies (and men) all over the nation will be preparing feasts in their kitchens for all the family that will gather to enjoy and be thankful.
 Lots of feasting, then gathering to visit and catch up.
 Memories will be made, children will be reunited with cousins and play til they're worn out.  I remember the good old days of family gathering.  Now it's just my husband & I, our three grown kids and my mom for the holiday.

And this is actually my dollhouse...........
 And this is a good time to slip this picture (taken from my porch) in.  I'm rambling sort of aimlessly today, but it strikes me to do so and since this blog is mine I shall take full advantage.  You may proceed to keep reading or stop, if you like :-)
 I love the warm & rustic look of homespun fabrics.  They are the same on both sides - folk-artsy, country rustic primitive...
 I've made a few Christmas time primitives, but have been pretty much caught up in our building/moving project and my sewing & crafting area is totally a disaster right now, so no new projects will be forthcoming until I can piece myself back together!

My sewing machine collection will be able to be visible and displayed, so I shall devote a future blog to pictures of it and you can be amazed at the history and mechanics of the early sewing machine!  Be prepared to be overwhelmed!
 A primitive Christmas dress.......
 A woodsman snowman.............
.....and a cute little snowgal with a baby snowman!!!  (don't you just want to pinch his little cold cheeks????)

'Nuf of that mushy stuff.  On with the sewing room moving.  UGH.  November makes the bones ache...which reminds me of a poem I shall leave you with:


No sun - no moon!
No morn - no noon -
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! -

Thomas Hood

Actually, I find it to be a little on the dark side, as we all know it's an exaggeration, right???  I'm thankful for so many many things.  God has truly blessed us with joys unspeakable.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


  1. Funny, I was going to bring that poem with me when I came to visit last, but it slipped my mind! I can't wait to be overwhelmed by your sewing machine collection. :)


  2. What a beautiful carved thimble holder! I would like to take a peek at the thimble....
    I'm ready to come over for bread and coffee. Love your coffee and love that you love coffee. :)
    Hugs and love from Maria